Copyright is a form of protection provided by law to the authors of ‘original works of authorship’.
The copyright laws around the world now offer statutory protection for the copyright of photographers’ work except where photographers have willingly agreed to part with the copyright to a client.
The copyright of the image is always retained by the photographer Sylvie Van roey

Rights-managed (RM): 
RM products are licensed with restrictions on usage, such as limitations on size, placement, duration of use and geographic distribution. Our sales team can help you determine the price.
Royalty-free (RF): 
RF products may be used by you multiple times for multiple projects without incurring additional fees. RF pricing is based on the file size of the product only with a maximum of 10 people entitled to use it. You don’t have to pay any additional royalties for successive uses of a royalty-free product. However, the rights granted are non-transferable and are personal to you.

Copyright infringement
 is any violation of the exclusive rights of the creator. Examples of imagery infringement include:

  • Use of whole or part of an image without permission
  • Use beyond the scope of a license or permission
  • Adapting an image without permission (art rendering)
  • Asking another photographer to recreate the image