About me

sylvieIt was during her university studies when Sylvie van Roey first developed her artistic voice through naturally lit black and white portraits. Sylvie then began to manipulate the light and tones to form a palette to suit her creative growth. She further elevated her visual horizons during her world travels. While in Asia, she explored the European idea of « the Elsewhere », expressed in her photography of the architecture, faces and fleeting details of the local culture.

Her work was especially focused after she settled in India in 1995, finding herself inspired by the city of Jodhpur, the traditional arts of Kerala and the rich religious and folkloric heritage surrounding her.

Ms. Van Roey’s return to Europe in 2000 was marked by several acclaimed international exhibitions of her work and by expressing her artistic ideas through new projects focusing on colour, textures and dramatic chiaroscuro. While her works retain expressionistic, painterly qualities, they remain testaments by documenting stolen glimpses into other worlds.

Sylvie, now residing in the Middle East since 2003, has been involved in the photographic documentation of the local culture. Her work has been sought after by cultural agencies and commercial organisations for the sensitivity of her portraiture and artistic vision. Currently, she is a consultant for Qatar Museum Authority.